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What are the two main types of research papers?

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Research papers are assignments common in high schools and colleges.  They consist of several pages typed to bring out a more precise idea to life. After research, the information is used to describe an idea, event, and concept or give your own opinion to prove a point. Students are expected to make a deep analysis of existing information about a topic by drawing personal conclusions and a solution for a problem.

What is a research paper?

A research paper is a form of written work which contains facts and information from research, critical thinking, composition, organization, evaluation, and reading. This information is analyzed carefully to give the reader a better content and ideas.

Most research papers vary in writing styles and purpose. Depending on the type of paper, you need to make the paper more original and have support for your arguments.  You may have to research both primary and secondary sources to come up with no plagiarism to a more pure and original paper. You can also use proper citation or formatting to achieve this.

There are two main types of research papers; Analytical and Argumentative research papers. Both of these you can order any research paper if you are asked to be in college and you suddenly wake up with a thought: “I need someone to write my research paper for me” and this should not be a problem for you.

They differ in their writing but their structure is almost the same. The contents of the paper may be different too. Let’s have a look at each to understand more.

Argumentative Research Paper

This type of research deals with two sides. You may need to choose one side to support it as correct. You will need to look for evidence that supports that particular correct side you have chosen and explain why you made that decision. It is more of an emotional but needs logical facts.

Since all papers use the same structure, its introduction should have a clear thesis statement on which side you are on with a simple explanation. This will help the reader understand your argument.

The body, on the other hand, should have an explanation from both sides. Why you support your choice and any evidence to back you up. You can also provide citations form both primary and secondary sources to prove you are right. You will also have to compare them and give their advantages and disadvantages and their importance. This will give your readers a clear view of what you are talking about.

In conclusion, you will revisit your thesis statement and your points and prove to your readers that your choice and explanation is the most valid.

Analytical Research paper

In this paper, there are various views on a different issue where you look at each of them and give your point of view. In this case, you do not have to choose the most correct side like in Argumentative papers. You will research and read different sources to come up with information on each of them and how they may interact with each other.

You may need to collect information from different sources to come up with different opinions about a particular topic. However, you may need to maintain its neutrality in determining the advantages or disadvantages of that given topic.

For the introduction, you will have to state your topic or subtopic and give your views, in brief, to help the readers know what you are talking about.

The body may have evidence to back up what you are talking about. You can also give a lengthy explanation of your views and cite possible sources. You can also differentiate your views and explain how your views interact or differ from each other and how well to make them effective.

Its conclusion should summarize your views and analyze your points to give them significance. You can also help them with further research avenues.

Other types of research papers

You will find other different types of research papers such as survey research paper which may require you to conduct a survey and ask questions to come up with information, Problem-solution research paper where you can solve underlying problems by proposing solution methods, Report paper needs you to report your findings about a topic to your readers, Experimental, cause and effect among others.

Depending on the type of paper you are given, you are sure to give the information and quality required.

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How to start writing an assignment for college

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Assignments are an integral part of learning. In schools, you will have to write a lot of assignments and writing to complete your studies. A number of students find assignments as punishment or may be tricky to handle but it is becoming more easy and enjoyable to write.

Of course, you can always pay someone to do your university assignment, and there are many services for this, however, being able to write yourself is extremely important. We’ll talk more about this below.

In most cases, they are used as a form of evaluation and if well performed, you sure will get good grades. It consists of more research, critical thinking, analyzing and writing. You may need more time to complete a single assignment.

Depending on the type of college assignment, you will have to follow instructions. These steps will ensure you have an effective assignment.

  1. Plan

Planning is an important part of any task. You may need to plan well before embarking on the real task. This will help you know what is expected of you and what you need to do to complete the assignment given.

A plan should help you understand the following

  • How much time is required to complete the work given
  • What is the total percentage of the final work
  • Where to get the answers to your question such as research
  • What you will need to complete the assignment, for example, writing drafts and reference
  • When is the deadline for submission

When you have the answer, you will then have a smooth writing.

  1. Re-read the question

To understand the question fully, you will have to read it a number of times. This will help you understand what the question needs and expects from you.   When you are analyzing the question:

  • Consider words that help you know what to do
  • Know the meaning of the words used
  • Understand the topic to get what to write about
  • Look for any additional words in the course materials.
  1. Drafting about the task

Drafting on the topic of what is expected of you will give you a smooth ride when writing. Depending on the type of assignment you have, you will understand more on what the lecturer expects of you. You can check the question and the marking scheme to see how he marks the assignments he gives and which areas you should emphasize most.

You will have a bigger understanding of what you need to write about. You can try forming n outline of the heading and other new information.

  1. Research

After forming a topic, you need to research on both primary and secondary sources to ensure you have the right information for your assignment. If the information collected is correct, you will have an idea of what to write.

  1. Write a draft

Writing down your findings is a very important step. This will help you help you remember the facts on what you will write in your assignment. Unless, of course, you have yet decided to order your work in one of Custom Assignment Writing Service and get it already done.

Consider writing the main points to give rise to more new ideas. First handle the conclusion before the heading which can come last.

Do not spend more time on the draft as it will change when you are writing the final copy of your essay.

Depending on the type of assignment, in most cases the essay, you should have an introduction, and here you will explain your topic, the body to give more evidence and arguments to support your topic and the conclusion to summarize the entire essay.

  1. Final writing

After making the draft of your findings and research, ensure you go through it once again to help you with the final copy.

Add any new information to make your assignment more clear, simple and significant. It should meet all the requirements your teacher needs form it.

Ensure it flows well.  The paragraphs should follow each other to give your work a fine flow. Its grammar and vocabulary have to be correct.

You should leave the writing for a while before you read to assess its quality. You can also add citations from different sources to make it complete.

  1. Proofread

After writing your assignment, ensure you have some time off before editing it and checking for any errors. If any, correct them and re-read once more.

  1. Needs met

Before collecting the assignment, ensure to look at the big picture. Make sure the requirements are met and the entire question tackled correctly. Are the sources fully cited and the paragraphs flowing? If yes, look at the relevant parts. If they all meet the standards, you are good to go.

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Heroes among us

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A hero is a man who is known to have sacrificed his personal ambitions and achieved a greater measure of success for the greater good of others. A heroine is the term used when we refer to women of such great strength.  I think that people who fought for human rights are more than heroes. Heroism to me implies unmatched strength from a selfless individual for the greater good of the wider society. In our society, hero, heroine or heroism is used to refer to those individuals who in different ways affect or influence our lives positively. Consequently, we see heroism in combat, athletics, soccer, leadership and religion just to mention a few.

Martin King was a human right activist who was the president of the Southern leadership christen conference at the time he wrote the book. Heroism is expressed in the manner king starts of his letter in a sentimental mood. One can’t fail to point out that Kings identifies himself with the injustices all over Birmingham when he alludes to the Biblical story of Apostle Paul. We also note the symbolic nature of kings character to compare himself to the messengers of the truth in the olden days. He expresses his desire to fight for those who are still captives of their masters his freedom notwithstanding.

We are made to understand the academic prowess of Martin King. Interestingly, he resolved to abandon the comfort of his home, the warmth of his family and security of a job to agitates for the rights of the oppressed. As such,heroism acts of King cannot be under-estimated.Kings argue that had he been there during the ill-fated era of Adolf Hitler, when Jews were persecuted, he would have defended his brothers at whatever cost. Kings argument conceptualize a man ready to sacrifice his freedom for the sake of others. Such selfless feats bespeaks of a man whose calling is synonymous to a freedom fighter. He laments the hypocrisy of his fellow white church leaders who he accuses of a double standard. He questions their honest in liberating the blacks. King argues that his fellow church leaders are not sincere in their guest.

From the liberal world, heroism is associated with acts of peace, honest, denial, and an endless desire for fairness. When he write his letter that he addressed to the eight white religious leaders, King identifies with peaceful, nonviolent means in resolving the stalemate. He writes expressing his deep feelings for the suffering Negroes in a candid way that leaves no doubt of his call to save mankind. He concludes his letter in rather a melancholic tone that leaves no doubt of his heroism.

Outcast by Claude McKay

McKay was a writer and a poet who was half America and half Jamaican. He lived between 1889 to 1948. He lived during a period when racism was the order of the day. As a poet and a writer, McKay, like King, dedicated his life to champion the grievances of the blacks. In the outcast, and expresses a desire to go back to Africa where there is peace. McKay uses poetry to show his displeasure of the white domination in a multiracial world. The poet reminiscence the old days living in the dark Africa. The poet talks of the suffering the black under the racist American to the point of singing forgotten jungle songs. He goes ahead to mourn with his fellow Africans who went to America in search of a better life but ended in a worse state. He cries of shattered dreams that are a monster that hovered over Africans during the racist era. Like King, McKay is a man who stood for black at a time when it was hostile for the race. Moreover, he identifies himself with the suffering blacks and takes the mantle of emancipation.

It is a case of two human rights activist who lived in different periods. However, their working in emancipation of the blacks should not be overlooked. Their tireless and relentless efforts bore fruits among the suffering blacks. Though they never lived to witness the fruits of their efforts, the Black celebrate them. McKay and King provide typical examples of selfless leaders who lived to see better days of the oppressed. I have managed to read some other works by McKay and his chosen theme of racism stands out. His work is a tale of a fighter with a tremendous desire for the liberty of his fellow human beings. Though both McKay and King wrote their respective works more than half a decade ago, the influence of their work lives on. It is fair to conclude that the campaigns of the early activists to create a harmonious world for all materialized when blacks gained freedom from the whites. The two writers represent heroes of the 19nth century.

Robotic Augmentation – essay sample for free

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Robotic Augmentation – sample of essay

According to the video, the giant Global Hawk can stay aloft and spy for up to 35 hours. This enhances the aircraft’s intelligence collection capability enabling it to play an important role in supporting military operations around the world.

The Predator characteristically features the engine and propeller in the rear in addition to down inverted tails. The down inverted tails are meant to protect the propeller. As such, when the tails tilt back they hit the skids instead of hitting the propeller. Despite the current advancements in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, there is still more to be done in order to overcome some limitations of the systems. Visual sensors installed in drones offer a limited perspective to drone pilots which can lead to mistakes.

This is illustrated by the 2010 fiasco when Afghan civilians were killed by a Predator team that mistook them for militants. This limitation can be dealt with effectively by replacing the current sensors with the ARGUS sensor designed by Yiannis Antoniades. The 1.8 billion pixels resolution offered by ARGUS would enable pilots of UAVs to see objects as small as 6 inches on the ground.

Another limitation of Air Force UAVs is that they still crash more often than manned planes. This brings with it the dangerous prospect of highly advanced technology falling into the hands of enemies. This could be attributed to their poor self- diagnosis abilities. The fact that they depend on control links that can be lost or potentially taken over by enemies is also relevant in this context.

The possible solution is the creation of drones that don’t need external links and can sense their environment. This would enable the drones to adjust to changes in their environment thus preventing crashes. According to the video, the ultimate mission of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is the creation and prevention of strategic surprise.


Sample papers for college and school students, from

Rise of the Drones – NOVA (full documentary). (2013). YouTube. Retrieved 24 February 2017, from

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African American Woman Character on TV

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Women have been portrayed by the mass media in different ways. Different TV shows, for instance, the walking dead, Horror Drama, and various soap operas that run around TV channels around the world. This paper will, therefore, focus on Danai Jekesai Gurira who played a role of Michonne on The Walking Dead.

Danai Jekesai is an American actress of Zimbabwean origin. In most of her art work she has portrayed herself in almost a similar manner. In 2014, under the TV show of The Walking Dead, she and her mates are posed in Atlanta wearing makeshift jilbabs similar to those of Nigerian students kidnapped by Boko Haram. In the scene mentioned above, she has been portrayed negatively as if she is supporting the kidnapping yet she even protested the act. Women have also been portrayed by most of the TV shows as being sexually active and even luring their partners to have close relations. She has also been positively portrayed in the Walking Dead as a role model to other women especially the young girls. In the show, she has been portrayed as a sword-swinging zombie killer on TV. Most of her screen works are usually followed with a lot of scandals. For instance, in the award winning drama of The Convert, followed the three Liberian sex slaves and was played in various stages including Yale Repertory.

In conclusion, however, much women are negatively portrayed in mass media by the writers and directors, they can be of great benefit to the community. According to her words, she understands the negative issues surrounding African girl and even mentioned race, religion, and equality as among the factors.

Crips, Bloods and Social Justice

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Growing up in the Streets of Los Angeles Black Americans had this belief that one day they would be emancipated from the mental slavery that engulfed their generations. One of the extraordinary challenges that supposedly contained their dreams was the concept of racism.

The extensive gangs research paper indicates that African Americans still face the prejudice problem. They are still under suspicion. Racism has one of the most profound conflicts ever experienced in the world history. According to Crips and Bloods gang, their main ambition was to outdo the social injustices posed by them in particular through the police in the generations that they lived. It didn’t matter how many lives were lost, but their course was quite extraordinary. In the beginning, Bird says that when he went to join the boy’s scout to live the American dream he was met with one of the scout heads who according to him was very nice. But then, came the problem of color because according to the commander of the scouts all the boys in his group were white and Bird was black. The leader felt the parents of the kids by then 1959 were going to reject their children associating with a black kid, or rather a black person. It walloped him that even with him he felt there was a challenge. Kumasi felt they could not be boys’ scouts or anything because of the problem of racism. The scouts were a bunch of American racists who never cared about anything else but themselves.

Marxist Theory of Conflict

The Marxist theory of conflict is inherent in this documentary. From the beginning, it is evident that the groups rely on conflict of races to be seen as useful in the groups. From the onset, Kumasi says the question of identity pulled his subconscious realization that he as a walking time bomb. Being that he is from the larger majority who lack a means of production, he foresaw a revolution just like what Karl Marx had envisaged in his theory of conflict. For Kumasi, the police brutality against the black men at that was some conflict in the making just like what had happened in the French revolution. The many people who were poor were being chained by the few who controlled state power apparatus, and this promulgated into some widespread hatred which in many sense could not be restrained any further. Therefore they foresaw a reaction to force that was pushing them against the wall all the time. In here was a revolution between two groups the African Americans against the white Americans an idea that never escaped their minds at any single moment. The civil rights movement in the sixties was the culmination of what Marx had promised in his theory where Martin Luther King Jr. decided to walk the streets of Alabama just to show that all black just like any other white American has a right to walk on streets as any citizen.

Power Struggles
The issue of power was also evident in the documentary from the onset. Ron Wilkins describes how he his ideology of black liberation in the neighborhood got a backing from the followers. He understood the meaning of having numbers when forming the club and therefore had to rely on it to fight for social injustices that were inherent in the community from the white people. Mayor of Los Angeles felt that the black people were only using the historical, social injustices as a measure of their power. The increased rates of criminal gangs in the region only demonstrated how the groups viewed violence as a way to achieve power. But then the reality of the matter is that American government uses force especially against the minority groups and then tries to legitimize the violence. The uprising that was seen on the streets of Watts in 1965 was just a demonstration of how power can change hands and hen one group that has been oppressed for a long tends to realize the desire for this influence war always erupts. Interestingly alienation and rejection were the order of the day, and many felt that there was no need to respect the rule of the powerful in society. Civilization through the rule of law was not going to be respected for many felt that society viewed the black race as an obstacle to development and not as a forceful advancement to both economic and political growth in every measure of United States.

Crime and Deviance
Deviance and crime are the best sociological concept that can define the high degree of police arrest based on race. Incarcerations were the most challenging problems that controlled the city of Los Angeles. Based on the idea of racism, black males were viewed as a group who most capable of committing crime at any given moment. The larger majority of them saw the police as deterrence to conformity. In the more famous city, the police were controlled by Chief Parker who Bird says controlled the police system like some form of military unit. Deviance was not acceptable to him, and the high-handedness of Parker met any individual who created some confusion in public through deviance. He crushed any form of resistance, and many lives were lost. Men and even women were treated as enemies and not citizens of America and so the military system would be used to control the masses. No one had a choice but to conform to the realities of the system which in every aspect was very dictatorial and militaristic. The east of Alameda was a no crossing zone, and blacks who tried to cross the white curtain were met with police brutality of the highest pedigree. Barriers existed in the system, and the police job was to enforce the obstacles by all means.

Poverty was the most undoing factor that led to the revolutionary spirit on the streets of Watts in 1965. For a long time, blacks were extradited from having to accessing the areas that white men controlled. Therefore social services were only limited to the whites and many black people had to find themselves living in poor neighborhoods with little sanitation and dilapidated streets. Children grew up knowing that society sees them as aliens and therefore thy have to depend on other means to survive and therefore crime was the order of the day. In every respect of it never materialized that one day these black men could come to the helms of power since the experienced poor pays in factory jobs and many never enjoyed better education just like the whites did in that time. In the slavery era, black people primarily lived in the south while the rest of the population made up the northern states. But then even with these conditions, they felt that one day they will be part of an American society and live their American dreams. It took them generations to realize this disadvantage, but that is as far as it goes. Today, black gangs such as the gang of Crips and Blood use violence and guns as a measure of survival in poverty stricken neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Kids as young as twelve gain access to guns and people kill each other in a vicious cycle of blood birth and drug war supremacy. The ones who manage to survive live off to tell their stories to next generations but then poverty remains one issue that cannot be settled in a day.

Crips and Bloods, is a documentary about the social injustices black Americans endured, in the hands of the white majority America. The documentary fosters its thinking on the African American belief that liberation was only through a revolution and this was showcased in Watts and the subsequent civil rights activism that occurred the same year. People still believe Black Americans are the most vulnerable minority groups regarding racism, deviance and even access to services such as education and legal counsel because they have no access to power. The same power deficiency was the reason what the documentary was addressing by locating its thesis from the slavery epoch to the current power differences between the white and the blacks.

Who is Pastor T.D. Jakes?

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T.D. Jakes was born in the year 1957, and he is an African-American author, pastor, and actor. He is the bishop and leader of The Potter’s House that is a non-denominational American church. Jake’s evangelistic sermons and church services are broadcast on The Potter’s Touch that airs on, Black Entertainment Television, The Miracle Channel in Canada, and the Daystar Television Network. Additional aspects of TD Jakes’ ministry involve a yearly revival referred to as “MegaFest” which draws more than 300000 people, an annual women’s conference known as ”Woman Thou Art Loosed,” and the gospel music recordings.

Jakes believes that for one to be an effective leader, there is the need for added exposure beyond the subjects, or the leader loses the right to lead the people. The pastor argues that a leader cannot exercise leadership beyond personal exposure and experience. Highly effective leaders usually possess various skills that are beyond those of the followers. When the leaders feel active, excited, and enthusiastic, they are more likely to motivate their subordinates and have a feeling of efficacy, optimism, competence, and enjoyment. TD Jakes believes in influencing other people as one of the traits of an effective leader.

Communication is a vital element of effective leadership in the different organizations within the scope of life. Jakes advocates that when a leader gets new information, it is important to find a way to update the people. When a leader fails to send out updates, he or she is creating the mentality of the followers around where they have been rather than where they want to progress in the future. The pastor throughout the ministry strives to maintain the free flow of information within the support team and all the administrative heads.

Effective leaders give opportunities to other upcoming players in the field. Jakes advocates for leaders to give people opportunities to say the things that they wish although the leaders do not like them. People will not be willing to follow the leaders if they are not heard and so it has been the pastor’s trait to give a chance to other people to express themselves and convey the ideas that they wish to communicate to the leadership team. Churches like other institutions are faced with organizational politics and hence it is the bishop to listen to all the parties and come up with the final verdict regarding the positions of all the parties in the institution.

According to the bishop, effective leaders are goal oriented. Jakes claims to apply the theory of goal setting and beating deadlines as strategies of achieving strides in the management and leadership aspects of leading the congregation. Visionary leaders are required to achieve enhancements and milestones in the various aspects of operations of the organization. Jakes has applied the goal setting strategy in the various projects that the ministry has undertaken, and he claims that it is fruitful to set systematic, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound goals for the key stakeholders in the operations of the organization.

Jakes believes in the legitimate, expert, and charismatic powers that the leaders hold over the subordinates. As the bishop, Jakes holds the structural position of the leader in the ministry. By virtue of being the bishop, he commands respect and following from the subordinates. Jakes started preaching in the year 1980 at the age of 23 years. Since then to date, he has acquired massive expertise, knowledge, and skill and hence he holds the leadership position through the expertise that he has gained. Jakes’ personality and interpersonal relations dictate that he is a charismatic person. He exercises charismatic control over the people under him within the ministry.

50 Cent Story of Success

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50 cent is an American hip-hop artist with international acclaim in the entertainment industry in form of awards, album sales, and earnings. In addition to this, he is a well-informed businessperson with dealings that have earned him millions of dollars in his business ventures. This paper will highlight his career from his tough beginnings, his entry and success in the entertainment industry, his profitable business dealings, and his present legal and financial woes.

He was born Curtis James Jackson III July 6, 1976 in Jamaican Queens, New York City. His grandmother raised him from the age of eight and was dealing drugs by the age of 12. At the age of 16, after serving six months in boot camp prison for possession of a weapon and drugs, he decided to turn his life’s direction. He had an interest in music and after getting a mentor, 50 Cent honed his skills and got the notice of the hip-hop industry. His reputation as a controversial rapper got him into trouble where it led to an attempt on his life and had his first contract terminated before even releasing his debut album and blacklisted by the recording labels. He overcame these insurmountable challenges to become one of the most successful hip-hop artistes and affluent businessperson in his era. His appeal as an artist is in part because of his music that depicts his dangerous real life experiences in his journey to success and another part due to his obvious talent.

The early life of Curtis Jackson was tough; at eight years, he became an orphan and moved to live with his grandmother. He soon became a drug dealer and quickly rose through the ranks of a local drug cartel with his natural talent in business and risk taking. He served six month in a juvenile center after he was guilty of possession of a weapon in school. At this point, Curtis Jackson decided to turn his life around. After he got out, he went into music and was introduced to and mentored by Jam Master Jay of the hip-hop group Run-DMC. He discovered a passion for music and learned the basics of music; rhythm, song structure and choruses. In addition to these, he got exposure to recording equipment that would have been otherwise difficult to access and introduced to the industry networks. He recorded an album that remains unreleased due to delays in writing and production.

One of 50 Cent’s best hits was an underground record known as `How to Rob,’ that led him to the notice of major hip-hop artistes and music industry executives, and was signed to Columbia Records in 1999. He was set to release his debut album, `Power of the Dollar’ in 2000, but was cut short in May of that year when an attempt on his life hospitalized him for a number of months. An assassin shot him nine times, at point blank range, in front of his grandmother’s house, on his way to a music video shoot. His rivalry with fellow rapper, Ja- Rule and his crew named Murder. Inc. had caught up with him even before his career had taken off. Columbia Records dropped him as a signed artist, citing his recent altercations. He went to recovery where he continued working on music. To vent his frustrations, he released a record called, `Ghetto Quran’ that exposed the inside secrets of the drug trade and streets, mentioning involvement of a well-known gangster and Murder Inc. This led to his blacklisting, where no recording company could record his songs.

He persisted with making mixtapes and singles and finally got the notice of Dr. Dre and Eminem who signed him to Shady Aftermath and released his debut album; Interscope distributed the album. He released his debut album titled, `Get Rich or Die Tryin’ in 2003, which was the first step in his meteoric rise to stardom. It sold 872,000 copies in its first four days of sale and reached the five million mark in by the end of the year. One of the singles of the album, `In Da Club’, topped The Billboard Top 100 for nine straight weeks. His next album released was, `The Massacre’ in 2005 and followed up with later releases, `Curtis’ in 2007, and `Before I Self Destruct’ in 2009, of which did not garner as much success as his debut. To date, he has toured the world extensively in promotion of his music, made millions in sales, royalties and concerts, released numerous singles and six studio albums, excluding the Unreleased Columbia Records, `Power of the Dollar’ meant for 2000 .

Consequently, he has turned his brand, 50 Cent, a marketable gangster persona, to a profitable venture and has participated in many roles and endorsements in the entertainment industry. He has diversified to book publishing, technology, fragrances, liquor, artist and talent management, clothing and footwear, TV and film production, and health drinks and supplements. Furthermore, he manages a massive financial empire that spans several sectors including, boxing promotions, mining, financial market investments, real estate, and fashion.

One of his first business ventures was a partnership with a company called Glaceau to create an enhanced water drink named Formula50. He got a share of the company in exchange of being the company celebrity spokesperson. After promoting the brand successfully, Coca Cola purchased the company for $4.1 billion, of which 50 Cent made $100 million from the deal. In Film, G-Unit Films and Television are presently renowned for their TV project known as Power, a highly rated series that a leading TV network purchased. He further demonstrates his business acumen in his involvement in a Dutch vodka brand known as Effen Vodka, as a minority shareholder and brand ambassador.

He is also a philanthropist; He started the G-Unity Foundation soon after he achieved success in 2003, which has since then; formed a community garden, offered College grants to numerous institutions, and participated in many community events. Additionally, in 2011, he launched an initiative with an aim to feed one billion Africans in need by 2016, through a partnership with the Pure Growth Partners to launch an energy drink, Street King. In this initiative, for every bottle of the energy drink bought, a portion of the profits goes to feed an unfortunate child in Africa. He also founded SMS Audio that sells headphones and earphones to an international market and for each headphone bought; it donates meals through a charity named Feeding America that caters to the less fortunate in the United States.

Ironically, the second-highest earning Hip Hop artist in 2007 filed for bankruptcy in July 2015, this is most likely because of his high-level spending habits. His expenditure on lavish vehicles and maintenance renovations to his mansion are some of the ways he spent his fortune. Additionally, 50 Cent faced legal losses that further lead to his bankruptcy. A Federal judge ordered 50 Cent to pay $17 million to Sleek Audio, in a case where the 50 Cent owned, G-Unit Records Headphones copied Sleek Audio’s designs. Furthermore, posting a sex-tape online that featured his rival’s, Rick Ross, past lover caused him further financial loss; a court ordered him to pay damages amounting to $7 million, after the woman sued him. This chain of events and decisions by him led to his bankruptcy.

50 cent, in a recent TV interview claimed filing for bankruptcy was a strategy, and with his past record of an adept business acumen, he could probably be making the necessary moves to protect himself. However, after surviving nine gunshot wounds, and rising to the height of stardom that few artists have experienced in their lifetime, this latest series of Challenges might be an obstacle in the race of life.

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What Factors Affect the African American Today?

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The African American who are also referred to as black Americans constitutes almost a third of the total racial and ethnic group in America. The African American faces social, economic and political challenges in the United State which affect their daily lives. This paper will discuss the three major issues for African Americans today.

African Americans face systematic racism in the United States. It involves discrimination of people accordingly to race. Argues that racism in America is alive and well as seen in most of the incidences in America. The hate crimes are mostly motivated by the race and is evidently shown by Federal Bureau of investigation results which claimed that 47% of the hate crimes in U.S. are racially motivated. Black Americans are more likely to be shot and killed by police as compared to white men in the states. They are killed or intimidated by the police. This is an issue which has been affecting the African American living condition in the State.

Breakdown of African Americans family is another issue facing black American. This is a situation whereby, the African-American children do not have fathers as they are born out of wedlock. An estimate of three out four black-America children today belongs to unmarried parents. This situation has greatly affected the lives of the children because the parents are not able to cater all the basic needs for the kids. Unwed mothers are more likely to live in poverty as compared to the average person. Moreover, the children for the unmarried parents’ faces psychological problems are more likely to be involved in crime activities due to lack of moral guidance from the well-formed families.

The cult of anti-intellectualism among blacks is another issue facing African American Today. It involves hostility towards and mistrust of the blacks American learners. Most of the African American students have been victimized and separated in learning institutions resulting to the low level of academic achievement as compared to white Americans. Most of the learners don’t believe in themselves and consider themselves inferior compared to other people. This has caused problems to African American for they lack sufficient educational skills that can help them in their daily life as compared to other Americans. We believe, that if African American can have confidence in their studies, they can excel just like other Americans.

It is undeniable that, African-Americans are facing various issues today. If these issues are considered and addressed, the African Americans will, therefore, live in harmony. Racial discrimination should be eradicated in the States for people to live harmoniously. In addition, parents should focus on building a stable family that includes both parents (father and mother) for children to bring up mannered and healthy children as opposed to single parenting. Also, the learners should focus on studying hard to learn skills and knowledge that will help them to cope in life. Education will enable them to eradicate most of the social, political and economic challenges.


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The Three point niners will be starting a mural project on July 16th 2012. This mural will be located at 2001 Bryant and 18th street in the Mission district.

This mural will be funded by Calumet and will be a collaboration with Precita Eyes ( the 3.9 art collective (

Lead artist: SIRRON NORRIS

“My hope with this project, is to reach out to other artists and arts organizations in my community through collaboration. I also want to inspire my interns and give them one of the biggest challenges in their artistic life. On a personal note: this will be one for the books and will push my talent and experience to it’s fullest. I know the team I have at the gallery and the invaluable experience Precita eyes has, will help accomplish this massive undertaking. Keep posted for updates as we move closer to starting.”

MURAL UPDATE: SF master muralists Jet Martinez & Apex will join us on the Calumet mural project!

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